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1. Installation:

How much time do I have to include until I can make use of „tabPoll“?

These are only a few minutes. Simply look in the AppStore for „tabPoll“. Instantaneous after the download you can enter your questions and hold your poll.


Can I get an invoice with designated value-added?

Yes, issuing an invoice is possible, insofar you get in touch with us before your purchase in AppStore.



2. Creation of polls

How many polls can be created with „tabPoll“ simultaneously?

You can create an optional plenty of polls simultaneously. At the execution simply choose the poll you want to realize.


Is it possible to include a picture to each question?

Yes, every question can additionally be detailed by a picture.


As far is it possible to adapt „tabPoll“ to the corporations design?

It is possible to show the company logo as well as to individually adapt the colors to the company. Per RGB-colors you can hit your companies coloring exactly.


How much time does a creation make use of?

Insofar you already have thought about your questions, you can configurate them on iPad only in a few minutes


Are there predefined lists of questions you can make use of while creating a poll?

Gladly we make predefined questionnaires, about employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction or for surveys about products, available for you. You can adapt these questionnaires as desired.



3. Holding polls:

Is there a possibility to present the iPad on a supporting stand for supporting the poll?

Yes, especially for trade fairs and events, we offer diverse equipment, like iPad supporting stands. Just address us.


Is it possible to collect the contact details of the participants?

Yes, at the beginning of the poll, theparticipants can inscribe their contact details. These can be exported as an Excel-data file after the polls completion.


How many polls can be held simultaneously?

You can create an optional plenty of polls simultaneously. At the execution simply choose the poll you want to realize.



4. Evaluation:

In what kind of format are the information exported after the poll?

The results are exported as an Excel-data file as well as a PDF data file. The Excel-data contains all given information, while the PDF-data visualizes the results in form of circular and bar charts.


How to get the exported information to my PC or Mac?

The information can be send per E-mail directly out of the App. Thus you do not need to connect your iPad with your PC or Mac via a data cable.



5. Further questions:

My question was not answered, whom should I approach?

Write an E-mail to info@heimes-dev.com or use the entry mask of the contact panel. In the space of the next 24 hours we are going to respond.


Will „tabPoll“ be enhaced prospective and are these updates for free?

„tabPoll“ is a fully developed software. Nevertheless on demand we constantly integrate new features. These are placed at all users disposal for free. Updates can be downloaded via the AppStore at any time.


Are there references, which already use „tabPoll“?

For data protection reasons, we do not publish our customer´s names. But we can verify, „tabPoll“ was downloaded more than 100 times out of the AppStore and was executed successfully.