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Simply create, hold and evaluate professional polls on iPad.
Use „tabPoll“ for market research, customer and emplyee attitude surveys as well as data collection.



1. Installation of „tabPoll“:

„tabPoll“ can be downloaded of the app store in a few minutes and is ready for use immediately. You only need an iTunes Account. Use the stated link or look for „tabPoll“ in the app store. In case you need a invoice with designated value-added tax, simply address us before your purchase in the app store.


tabPoll – Lite

tabPoll – Home Edition

tabPoll – Business Edition



2. Creation of surveys:

With „tabPoll“ you can create easily and fast an individual questionaire, which afterwards can be filled by participants on iPad. For the createion of your questionaire are different types of questions at your disposal, which you directly can configurate on your iPad. (Open and closed questions etc. )

Once createed you can save your poll ( also online by request) and execuse afterwards immediately. The configuration of your questions happens either on your iPad or you load the predefined questionnaire and align it to your wishes.


User-defined plenty of surveys without temporal constriction:tabPoll - Your survey creation tool on iPad
By the purchase of „tabPoll“ you can hold a user-defined plenty of polls and do not underlie temporal constriction. So there are no running expenses.


Adaption on your Corporate Identity:
„tabPoll“ enables the adaption on your Corporate Identitiy. You can both affect the coloring and integrate your corporate symbol into the poll. By the use of the definition of the RGB-colors is ensured, that „tabPoll“ comes up to your wishes.




Configuration of the survey:tabPoll - Easy survey creation on iPad
You have the possibility to configurate your poll either directly on iPad or to hold the configuration on PC and load your questions out of the App on your iPad only in a few seconds.


Different types of questions:
At the configuration of your questionnaire are different types of questions at your disposal (open and closed questions and multiselect questions). At this you can define up to 10 possible answers at a closed question.




Detailing of the questions:tabPoll - Easy survey creation on iPad
To enable the participants a detailed comprehension of your question, you can fit a picture, photo or drawing to each question and you can show your questions in different languages.


The Flow-Logic allows a regulation of the questions, based on the given answers. For example it is possible to offer a participant, who answered the question about his gender with „male“, only a particular selection of further questions.




tabPoll - Easily hold survey on iPad3. Enforcement of polls:

Once a survey is created, you can start this anytime and let be held by user-defined many participants. Therefore you can use the mobility of your iPad and you are not bounded to one location. Simply install an iPad in your store, at a stand at a trade fair or hold the poll in a pedestrian area (Face to Face). Your flexibility are set no limits.


 Number of participants:
The number of participants of a poll is unlimited. Also you can hold your poll on several days to get a preferably large number of participants. The current number is shown in the evaluation.




Usage sites:

By the iPad´s mobility your creativity are set no limits. You can hold your survey everywhere you want. At this there is no internet connection necessary.
Typical domains: Trade fairs and events for participant surveys, pedestrian areas for interviewing passers-by, companies for employee attitude surveys, stores for customer surveys and more.









tabPoll - Easily hold and evaluate survey on iPad4. Evaluation of polls:

After you held your poll, you immediately get a presentation of the results. This is visualised for example in a circular or bar chart and can be send as PDF- data file per E-mail directly out of the App. Additional you can export all collected information (contact details as well as raw data) directly as an Excel-document.


Evaluation on iPad:
The evaluation of the polls results happens directly on iPad. If desired, the results can be displayed after every survey. The visualization is effect by the use of bar and circular charts.




tabPoll - Easily hold and evaluate survey on iPadExport of results:
The visualization can be written in a PDF-data file immediately and be sent per E-mail. Thus you can present your results faster. Alternatively it is possible to export the raw data in the form of a Excel-data file. This enables you a detailed analysis and further processing of your results. The raw data also contains the participants contact details.








Data backup:

For security of your created polls and their results you can back up these at any time online and download them again into your App as needed. Herewith you guard aganist a data loss in case of an iPad loss.